Gulets Charter Turkey

Gulets Charter TurkeyGulets Charter Turkey both of the exterior and interior parts of luxury gulet charter Turkey will make you feel at home.

The deck and the interior are quite sufficient for you and for your guests to have each a nice seat comfortably (all the interiors are air-conditioned) this is in addition to the spacious saloons,

Bedrooms, and electrical equipment. Every yacht is equipped with such things in order for you and for your guests to be enjoying the cruise accompanied by water activities like snorkeling.

Gulets Charter Turkey Gulet charter Bodrum tries to address your needs and secure your demands. Gulets Charter Turkey is ready upon request. gulet charter turkey is your guide to enjoyment.

On board of Turkish gulets, we are proud of serving the best and most delicious meals, luxurious drinks,

and desserts offered from our Turkish cuisine which is said to have the best reputation among the famous cuisines in the world.

Gulets Charter Turkey

This is for your own enjoyment with a nice meal, with nice overlooking with red wine in hands to be unforgettable moments with luxury gulets charter.

Our offices that coordinate gulet chartering are in Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, and Fethiye. It does not matter how in hurry you are,

We assure that we always have excellent crewed gulets to make you quite happy with Gulets charter Turkey in the company of your lovely guests. We can classify gulets into four main classifications: standard,

Lux, deluxe, ultra deluxe, and you have to decide on which one you are going to charter for a one-week cruise.

Gulets Charter TurkeyGulet chartering depends on many things like the age of the boat, the cost of construction, luxurious equipment inside, water sports, and the professionalism of the crew which will serve with great attention.

Our gulet charter Turkey Company is totally different from ten years ago companies.

Gulets Charter Turkey

The new generation of gulets is equipped with double engines, double generators, excellent air conditioning, and many other things.

Gulets charter Turkey is the pride of the Turkish construction. In addition to the satellite which is also available in order not for you to miss your preferable programs, our gulets contains receivers through which you can enjoy watching hundreds of channels on tv.

Not only this, but we make it sure that you are going to surf the net and check your email through 3G by our 220VAC power in order to keep in touch with your important jobs while you are relaxing on the board of luxury gulets charter Turkey.

We do not usually charter yachts or gulets without air conditioning because July and August are so hot, and it is impossible to enjoy your holiday without it.

Gulets Charter TurkeyThis is why we assert that air conditioning is available in our gulets and yachts. Gulet charter in Turkey means happy times for you.
We invite you to join us on board of our gulets charter Turkey, and especially on motor yacht cruise.

The gulet is a special kind of boats made of wood in Turkey for purposes of tourism. It is about thirty up to forty-meter long.