Luxury Yacht Charter

Luxury Yacht CharterLiving in the virgin beauty of the Mediterranean, when facing the gentle breezes of the paradise-like coasts, really deserves to capture your soul and body.

Luxury yacht charter is your way to endless enjoyment while at the sea. Maybe, the Aegean Sea is jealous of the Mediterranean and because of this, he tries to show his beauty off Cruising in the peaceful bays and sailing to the distant islands in the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas achieves your dreams about your coming vacation.

You need not think a lot about your itinerary since our captains have prepared their plans for you to visit wonderful destinations of the marine world while on board of luxury yacht charter.

Our company has been here for years, non-stopping serving the blue waters’ industry. Our agents all over the globe are able to reply your inquiries in whatever related to the marine tourism and marine industry.

If you are considering having a luxury yacht charter in Turkey, then you have come to the right place.
We would like to invite you to give our portfolio a shot to look for what you think is convincing for you.

While checking our portfolio, you need to consider the number of guests you would like to host on board for your coming holiday. The more guests you have, the bigger your luxury yacht charter will be.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Hundreds of yachts are there in our portfolio which means that you will also have hundred options for your luxury yacht charter.

Different sizes and designs are there in our portfolio, which means that you have the freedom to choose your luxury yacht with a number of cabins that agree with your guests’ number.

Whether you are thinking of chartering in the Turkish Riviera, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian Riviera or if you are thinking about cruising in any spot in the marine world, you can consult with our professional captains to suggest for you the best itineraries ever put for your coming vacation on board of your luxury yacht charter in the Mediterranean or the Aegean Riviera.

A lot of tourists coming from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of Turkey and the Turkish Riviera prefer to cruise to the Greek Islands on board of their luxury yacht charter.

Moreover, they take advantage of their cruising to sail to the Greek Islands which are closer to the Turkish Riviera than that of Greece itself! However, the fees are independent from the ones you pay in the contract.
Your joyful cruising, in fact, depends on two things.

The crew of your luxury yacht charter and the charterers that you accompany on board. Do not think of chartering with people whom you do not know because they might spoil your charter.

You can charter on board of a small luxury yacht charter with your own family or with your own friends or with people whom you know well or whom you trust instead of chartering with foreigners whom you do not know, so that you might be obliged to stop your cruising and then cancel the journey.

Luxury Yacht Charter

This is what we always advise our clients of to have happy cruising. The crew is very important in making you have a successful cruising! We choose our captains carefully in order to serve our customers with utmost attention starting from the captain and ending with the deckhands.

The chefs in our Turkey yacht charter are quite experienced and professional and they will make your cruising interesting with the delicious Mediterranean and Aegean courses that they prepare.

Four hours of cruising are included in your contract and more extra hours of cruising will be considered to be as extra fees that you should pay for your luxury yacht charter in Turkey.

Anyways, four hours are quite enough, so do not worry about this. If you are chartering on board of a mega yacht, then your pilot will also be ready for taking off on board of your helicopter to wherever you would like to fly.

Our agents in our international brokerage firm can reply your emails and inquiries with your native language whether Russian, Spanish, Arabic, English, French and other international languages.

You may even call us to tell about your own preferences concerning your luxury yacht charter that you are considering in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.