Turkish Gulets for Sale

Turkish Gulets for SaleThe gulet is a motor sailor yacht that had been very renowned in the basin of the Mediterranean at first then, in a short time, was known to holiday makers throughout the world. gulets for sale

These gulet were first built in Turkey for carrying passengers in 1980s from the Aegean Sea to the Mediterranean and vice versa. At the same time, these large boats were used for fishing.

Turkish Gulets for SaleWith the advancement of time and with the quick tourism movement in the Middle East, the owners of these gulets made their decisions to turn their boats into luxury vessels Turkish gulets for Sale to suit the purpose of the modern life when tourism started to flourish.

They modified their ships to fit the current of the new touristic movement to turn into luxury vessels naming Turkish gulets!

Turkish Gulets for Sale

Our boatyards in Turkey has been building and turkish gulets for sale European clients who are used to coming to Turkey in order to take advantage of the cheaper labor force and consequently the cheaper pricing of the whole turkish gulets for sale!

Whether you are considering building a new gulet, or buying second hand one, then you have been to the right place!! Our agents who have been living and working in the blue waters tourism and industry will help you get what you need in the shortest time possible.

Turkish Gulets for SaleBuilding a new Turkish gulet for sale is a privilege as well! If you have been a gulet owner, or if you are about to be a gulet owner and you desire to have a guletsĀ free of problems, then you can pay us a visit to Turkey in order to have a look at our moored vessels in the marina.

After that, we can go together to the boatyard where your gulet is usually built!